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Several years ago I became acquainted with the work of Clyde Butcher.  The first images I saw were some of his Florida Everglades scenes.  I was struck by their detail and beauty.  Later, I attended a seminar by Clyde and learned the reason that he now works in black and white, it was not the reason I expected.  Black and white was part of his coping mechanisim after his son was killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver.  His pain was channeled into images that speak to me in a way that no other photgrapher's work does.  As a result I started a project that pays tribute to Clyde.  It is my Natural Florida series, exclusively done in black and white.  It is ongoing and I want to be clear that I harbor no illusions that it is Clyde Butcher quality.  It is just fun to have a project and to draw inspiration from Clyde's work.  I see the project as something that I will never finish but will continue to work on for the years I have remaining however long that may be.  Plus it takes me outdoors into some of the most beautiful places in Florida, where I always start with a prayer of thanks and then retreat from the world for just a few minutes. 



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